City Of Burnaby Open Data Portal
Previous to the launch of the Open Data Portal in the fall of 2016, the City of Burnaby did not have an open data presence. Information was manually collected and distributed to citizens on an ad hoc basis which took a lot of time and introduced the possibility of errors in data due to the by-hand nature of the transactions.

As the lead on the Open Data Portal project, it was my responsibility to design and implement this project. We decided to pilot the portal with the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) team, as they are currently the largest collector and provider of data at the city. With their help, we were able to include a large collection of clean, GIS-centric data on the portal at launch.

We used Esri's ArcGIS beta tool to complete the technical implementation in addition to custom HTML/CSS and illustrations. We were one of the first sites to use and launch a portal on the platform.
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